Children BOOSTING Children Literacy Project (C.B.C.L.P.)

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Children BOOSTING children literacy project (c.B.c.l.p.)


Through our Children Boosting Children Literacy Project (C.B.C.L.P.), we desire to improve, reinforce, and advance the literacy rate of young children in grades 1-3 in the state of Georgia. 

The Children Boosting Children Literacy Project (C.B.C.L.P.) provides the opportunity for our children to become authors in order to furnish the shelves of their very own public, private, and home school libraries with self-written and self-expressed books that are ingeniously filled with the Georgia Standards of Excellence reading and language arts requirements. This ensures that both the student-writers as well as the student-readers are equipped with expansive vocabularies and reading comprehension skills that are state required!

The Children Boosting Children Literacy Project (C.B.C.L.P.) focuses on:

     •Peer empowerment
     •Literacy improvement
     •Literacy reinforcement
     •Literacy advancement
According to research conducted by psychologists in the Journal of Research in Reading (2012)educators and speech-language pathologists (2014), and scholars, "65% of Georgia third graders lack necessary vocabulary and reading comprehension skills." This statistic is alarming. What is even more devastating is that a child who cannot read by the end of the third grade has difficulty understanding all curriculum in all subject areas throughout his entire educational experience. Furthermore, low literacy results in a lower quality of life as well as slow economic growth. WE HAVE TO HELP OUR CHILDREN! 

The Children Boosting Children Literacy Project (C.B.C.L.P.) helps children in grades 1-3 become literate by allowing them to express themselves and write their own books that both they and their peers will read


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All books are copyrighted and filed within the Library of Congress!


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